About Us

If we talk about our designs we make sure thatthe product we offer is fully loaded with the artistic approach we have in ourminds also catering to the fact that the world is rapidly changing the trendsand patterns of living. We understand that we need to create pieces that aretimeless and unique. We make sure that we pick perfect colors, essence, material,and effort to create the perfect product that you are not looking for. With that particular thought in mind, we havekeenly reviewed each product before it reaches our stores and your home. Styleand uniqueness is always the key! Both of the things go hand in hand in orderto create the marvel you desire to have at your home.

Core Mission:

From the point where the story starts, we make sure that we design the rug with the trending hues and the classic tale-like patterns that says a lot about the choice of the owner itself. The core mission is to make people aware of the fact that they deserve to be living at a place where the personal growth of the individual narrates a story on itself and not the individual. We all deserve to live at a place that is clean, classic and walk on the soft rugs that are made with love for the one who owns it.